We were able to stage a promotion for marketing purposes for our clients, Gemeinsame Sache, in June and July 2016.
We designed a 15 m launch tower in order to connect it with a zipline to the landing tower 100 m away.
Visitors to the Cosmonaut Festival (Chemnitz), Splash und Melt! (Ferropolis) were thus able to glide over the crowds, and the Zipdive promotion, based on Stagedive, was born.
Thanks to specially produced materials and operating perfection with our experienced staff, we were able to achieve a capacity of 500 participants per day!

You too can challenge us with your off-the-wall marketing ideas!

Further events could be:

Freefall experience from a height of 13 – 30 metres:    POWERFAN


bagjump – freefall jump from 4 – 8 m with no harness into an airbag