As an ERCA-certified training body, we will train your staff in accordance with the latest ERCA training standards as well as those contained in EN 15576 – 2 for safety trainers for rope courses or low rope elements. In the process, our team attaches great importance to the ability to perform all safety-relevant techniques.

  • Our training courses are carried out by trainers with many years of experience, if required also in English.
  • We offer specific courses for particular types of rope courses, e.g. for systems with continuous belay safety systems, forest rope courses, pole systems, low rope courses.



  • We are the first company in Germany to be certified by ERCA to EN ISO/IEC 17020. You will receive a certificate from ERCA as well as a detailed inspection report from us. Naturally, we also conduct inspections on systems not produced by ourselves. Inspection of all types of rope courses (forest, poles, indoor, low systems) in accordance with ERCA standards as well as EN 15567-1
  • If necessary, we will also inspect your low rope course or playground elements in accordance with the Playground Standard (EN 1176).
  • Inspection of systems with continuous belay safety systems such as rail systems, Expoglider, Roperoller
  • Inspection of special elements, e.g. the POWERFAN®
  • Inspection of climbing walls and bouldering systems to 12572-1 / 12572-2
  • Inspection of via ferratas to prEN 16869



  • We carry out all types of repairs on systems, from the replacement of individual ropes to refurbishment action if poles are rotten or by replacing them.