The usual path from the first contact to completion of the system is usually as follows:

At an on-site meeting, we will give you comprehensive advice on the type and size of facility best suited to your needs as well as the requirements on site. The aim of the consultancy is to develop a system which matches your ideas.

Planning the system
Back in the office, we plan your individual facility. For us that includes:

  • drawing up a detailed quotation in which the services can be clearly identified
  • if so requested, nominating services to be provided by you
  • planning the PPE requirements (belts, ropes, helmets)
  • further information and photographic material on our facilities

Approval phase
We support you in the approval phase with authorities and offices. In this way, a structural analysis can be provided in good time for the building application. If requested, we can submit the building application for your system.

Construction of the system
We offer construction in different stages of completion:

  • turnkey – we provide all services.
  • You take on or delegate some services such as making the foundations for the poles, procuring the poles, etc.

Choice of materials
All wood installed is either pressure-impregnated or either types of wood that have high resistance to rotting. Steel components, wherever possible, are hot galvanised or made of stainless steel. In the case of rope material, we use long-life branded polyester or special ropes with a steel core. Cable wire is produced in Germany, as far as possible, and is subjected to extra strong B type galvanisation.
Wherever possible and sensible, we use ferrules instead of screw terminals to make cable connections to make your daily inspection before starting the system easier.
The construction of the ropes course requires components. We develop our own products for our ropes course construction which are tested and approved for use in official testing labs or by TÜV.

We have test certificates for all materials in critical applications.

Approval of the system before commissioning
After construction, our system is approved by an independent testing institute.