We are a team that always wants to create the very best in all aspects of rope courses. Each one of us performs their work with painstaking care and with passion, whether in the office, on inspections, during training or when constructing new systems.

What does it mean to us to build a rope course?

Doing what we like to do best and what we are best at.
The safety of the users is our top priority.
Starting with the planning phase, we draw on our many years of experience because many sources of danger can be avoided by giving thought to the design of systems and elements.
All our systems meet the current version of EN 15567-1 as well as the DIN / EN standards described here.
Our renowned structural planning office in Hildesheim always delivers an auditable structural analysis created for the specific project.
Over the years, a network of suppliers has been established characterised by their very high quality, adherence to schedules, flexibility in their products and customer-oriented behaviour – values which we also offer you and which we therefore expect of our suppliers.