Our Ropes Courses Trainer Education programme with various different elements constitutes a further focus of our activities.

In this process, we train the future trainers for deployment on fixed facilities. High safety standards are not the only important factors – the various training courses may also focus on how to teach technical knowledge and guide participants professionally.

We mainly conduct training courses on facilities which we have newly erected ourselves. The contents are adapted to fit the type of system, and for example, we have special building blocks for adventure parks, facilities with continuous belay safety systems or the POWERFAN®.

We will of course also conduct training for your group of trainers with the focus determined by them on your own system or one of ours nearby, so please ask us!

Training programme:

We offer the following training courses in accordance with ERCA guidelines:

  • Adventure Park Service Staff + Rescuers
  • Traditional low rope course Service Staff
  • Traditional rope course Service Staff + Rescuers
  • General Rescuers
  • Process Facilitators for traditional rope courses
  • System-specific Service Staff + Rescuers
  • System-specific Rescuers

ERCA certification as training body

Please request a quotation for the training you would like!