We have already realised individual elements that can be used with a wheelchair for various rope courses on numerous occasions.

This can also be carried out retrospectively on existing systems.

However, we would like to present a rope course where inclusion goes a long way while at the same time offering participants with no disabilities additional climbing challenges and training opportunities.

Herzberg Elsterwerkstätten

The Elster workshops are dedicated to the development and promotion of people with disabilities through a wide variety of measures, see also www.elsterpark-herzberg.de .

We designed a facility for the Elster workshops which can be used equally by people with and without disabilities. Joint development was of particular importance to us here, to enable us to meet all our customer’s wishes.

For example, a low rope course at a height of 0.5m with variable difficulty offers space for team-building measures and for familiarising yourself with the rope course.

The first course consisting of three elements is designed to be suitable for wheelchairs. The 2nd course has elements built in that are easy to negotiate to enable people with physical or mental disabilities to take part.

The second level is reached via a net chimney and offers sporting climbing excitement. A continuous belay safety system doing away with the necessity of securing yourself to poles ensures the best possible safety on all courses.