Every POWERFAN® is fitted with a built-in pull-back mechanism with an automatic rewind spring to guarantee fast, efficient re-use.

Within a few seconds of the jump finishing, the rope returns to its resting position with the result that a throughput of one person per minute is possible (PF13)!

A built-in counter enables service and maintenance intervals to be met. Services are required once a year or after 17,000 jumps.


The POWERFAN® was in development for a decade. Jumps are simulated under extreme conditions in a specially built test centre. The version of the POWERFAN® now available is totally perfected from a technical viewpoint.

The POWERFAN® meets the requirements of EN 15567 for the construction and operation of rope courses.

The POWERFAN® is certified by TÜV-Süd and bears the CE label.

If servicing regulations are adhered to, the estimated life of the POWERFAN® is 1,000,000 jumps!