The POWERFAN® offers the adventure of your life: A free fall from a height of up to 30 metres!

You do not have a parachute or a bungee rope around your ankle – instead a 6mm aramid rope connects you to the POWERFAN® and ensures that you land gently on your feet after experiencing free-fall!

The POWERFAN® can be used by any healthy person (children and adults) up to a weight of 125 kg.

The POWERFAN® is a technically perfected, totally safe and maintenance-friendly device, developed by Dropzone in Great Britain.

 Have fun watching the  Video!


The POWERFAN® allows you to fall quickly but in a controlled fashion. The drop energy created is consumed with the aid of a ventilator with the result that a soft landing is guaranteed.
The ventilator is driven by the force of the person falling and therefore requires no external power feed.
From a height of 30 metres, you will experience the first 20 metres in free-fall, and the remaining 10 metres serve for gentle braking and landing.

Areas of use

Adventure park:

  • New highlight: A free fall at the end of the course!
  • Separate element between the trees with ascent from below. Users are already attached to the POWERFAN® on their way up and so 100% safe from the very beginning.

Rope Course:

  • New element: A free fall as a means of descent from the main platform.
  • Separate element at the pole with ascent from below, here too 100% safety.

Further deployment options:

  • Attraction in shopping centres, industrial/technology museums, town squares
  • Magnet to draw the crowds at trade fairs, major events: Launch platform set up by a crane.