ErlebnisWald Trappenkamp april 2014

We erected a combination of viewing tower and rope action tower in the Schleswig Holstein State Forest Training Centre in Trappenkamp.
The first platform at a height of 13m can be easily reached by means of a spiral staircase. If you want to go higher, you climb up the net chimney, still without a safety belt, to the 2nd platform at a height of 25m – in Schleswig Holstein this already takes you above the treetops and you can enjoy a wide all-round view.
See below for rope actions installed.

System details:

  • 45t round logs, the central pole weighs 11t
  • Screws: 3t
  • Platforms at 13 and 25m, total height 30m

The following rope actions can be carried out:

  • Climbing snake 25m
  • 2 climbing routes on the main tower construction, 25m
  • 2 Jacob’s Ladders
  • Powerfan 13m
  • Flying Fox (zip line) starting from the 25m platform, length 300m, magnetic brake

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