Kletterhalle Sauerland in Schmallenberg 2014 http://www.kletterhalle-sauerland.de/

In the Hochsauerland region, Thikos Kinderland have been successfully operating a children’s play centre for several years, mainly offering fun and exercise for children on various play elements.
We were commissioned to design a new indoor facility to complement the existing one which would appeal both to older children and adults.

Climbing wall
12m high
Various inclinations
45 routes
Top rope / lead climbing / automatic belay devices

A rope course on a total of 3 levels was constructed which allows participants to climb at heights of up to 9m. Daredevils can finish off by jumping down to earth, secured by a free-fall system.

Rope Course
Double-decker main platform, heights of 5m and 9m
4 courses + trial course, 26 elements
Flying Fox, free-fall


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