jim & jimmy Hildesheim 2015 http://www.jim-jimmy.de/hochseilgaerten

The indoor facility opened in 2013 was complemented by an outdoor course in 2015.
Poles arranged in the shape of a circle offer mid-air climbing thrills at a height of 5m and 9m.
Then the starting pole is climbed to reach the Flying Fox at a height of 15m in order to travel to the turning pole.
From here it’s a fast run over 130m to the landing tower (jump tower) where a magnetic brake guarantees gentle braking.
A free fall from a height of 8.5m takes you safely to earth.
The tower can also be used separately as the springboard for the Bag Jump.
Daredevils jump from various heights with no equipment into an air cushion – adrenalin guaranteed!

System details

Rope Course

  • Trial course
  • 19 elements on 2 levels, 2 vertical climbs
  • Flying Fox 50m
  • Flying Fox 130m
  • Free fall as dismount from the Flying Fox landing tower

Low rope element

  • Spider Web
  • Slacklines

Jump tower

  • 3 jump levels at different heights

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