INDOOR Kletterwald Mitteldeutschland 2011 + 2013 + 2015

One of Germany’s first indoor ropes courses was set up in the Nova Eventis shopping centre near Leipzig. We have already had the opportunity to add three extensions.

Via ferrata

In order to cap the attraction of the existing indoor facility, we built a via ferrata with a course that can be negotiated by means of stirrups and climbing holds with an overhang, rocks and further elements.

Koala course

The Koala course was set up to offer climbing fun even to the very smallest from the age of 3 at a max. height of 1m.

Experience shows, however, that the course is not just popular with children!
Thanks to the dual belay safety system, two people can climb on the elements at the same time.

Outdoor extension

Extension of the indoor course outside represents one highlight:
by pressing a buzzer, guests can open a retrospectively installed sliding door in the glass façade of the shopping centre in order then to negotiate a course on two levels. It ties in a 12m steel sculpture installed in the car park by means of two Flying Foxes.


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