Turkuaz Park Ahsap Yapi Peyzaj november 2015 http://www.turkuazpark.com/

The town authorities of Konya had a rope course set up in a public park.
The steel construction offers diverse climbing thrills:
For example, various rope course elements can be climbed on 2 levels, and 2 parallel zip lines leading from the 3rd level over a length of 250m are a formal invitation to have a race whereby a magnetic brake is used to halt your ride.
The Powerfan can also be used for rapid descents.
This facility was set up together with our local partner, Turkuaz.

System details

  • Rope course
    trial course in the tower
    18 elements on 2 levels
  • 2 zip lines (flying fox), 250m
  • Powerfan (free-fall unit)
  • Climbing wall

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